Welcome to Bignosia

Bignosia is a land where song rules--where expressive entities offer up their best efforts in service to the song.

Here at BigNose Music we present music in its best possible context performed by the artist(s) best suited to the song or composition. Productions--whether they are songs, albums, or underscores--are project oriented--utilizing the most appropriate resources available to best convey the expression at hand.

A current project in focus is 
SNAC - Songs for the New American Century, an ongoing portrayal of life in 21st c. USA. SNAC is an eclectic series of Song Cycles expressing sentiments from cynical to sincere rendered by various artists in a mixed bag of genres (primarily a mix of rock, roots, & jazz). Within familiar forms and styles, SNAC sets out to bring the characters as well as the challenges of 21st. century American life before our ears in a palatable fashion. Inspired by the Bush years, Volume I - Let Them Eat Cake takes Big Money to task, skewers the minority fostered by the Bush administartion, and finally beseeches the American people to awaken to what is really happening. Look for Volume II - Support We Troops that intends to be a transpartisan perspective on war by the end of 2009.

Featured track Big Money is always a free download--a song of the times that defines and calls out the real rulers of the world. Join the outrage--click on the title to download now!
Smart, at times funny and always poignant. The musical compositions are well crafted and quite capable of entertaining. --Wildy's World

Finally a top level artistic response to what makes the Real World blue  --Midnight Special Blues

The troubadour lives, and, in the 21st century may offer a stronger and easier understood message than rants.  --the DC