Who is Sir.Malcolm?

BigNose Music publishes the songs and recordings of Sir.Malcolm (aka Malcolm Clark), a songwriter/producer based in Northern California above the San Francisco Bay. This music comes in various scents with a preference for rock, roots, jazz, and pop aromas. Though the primary focus is on creating individual songs for placement with artists or tracks for use in TV/film/video productions, we have initiated a series of song cycles to present ongoing distillations of the social, political, and spiritual landscapes that surround us at the dawn of this new millenium. These albums comprise the SNAC project – Songs for the New American Century.

Sir.Malcolm first stepped onto the Path of his musical journey—by ear. Anything with tone and rhythm continues to be an irresistibly shiny thing. Growing up under the influence of artistic parents and older siblings, he was exposed to a variety of styles from classical to pop and jazz. As a young trumpet student, natural talent quickly brought him to the school band’s first chair. Soon popular music inspired trials with guitar and bass before joining a rock band as a bass player after high school. Ensembles in college and the following years included rock bands playing covers as well as acoustic and electric groups performing primarily originals.

One step into a recording studio to record a demo of originals and the calling was clear. Both the environment and the process inspired a return to college. The University of Miami School of Music offered a then pioneering Music Engineering Program that delivered a comprehensive education in music and arranging as well as the technical side of studio production. Along with session work in South Florida as a reputable engineer and session musician, Sir.Malcolm was a member of several groups performing jazz, rock, pop, and country including stints in the pit orchestra for the Theater to support the season’s musicals.

From Florida Sir.Malcolm headed for the San Francisco Bay area to perform regularly in various groups (jazz, acoustic, roots, show, classic rock) while writing songs. Sir.Malcolm has always been integrally involved in creating original and compelling arrangements of the material at hand. Establishing a business designing and integrating recording studios as a day job brought him in close proximity to the top levels of the music and recording industry. A good reputation facilitated access to a collection of resources and talented individuals that remain fruitful to this day.

A solid educational foundation followed by years of experience as a musician, composer, and engineer formed the seasoned songwriter/producer that Sir.Malcolm is today. And though performance for pleasure stills dots the schedule, distilling our times into musical compositions is the mission at hand.