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Did you like your SNAC? 

Here is where you have the opportunity to voice your assessments and emotional responses to SNAC - Songs for the New American Century. Please be candid, don't hold anything back--we want to hear about everything from tearful warm fuzzies, to blowin' chunks! In particular, we'd love to hear your opinion about the concept of a song cycle such as this. How much did you appreciate or not appreciate the format of a thematic album containing various genres performed by multiple artists? It is much like the compilations that account for 10-15% of Billboard's Top 200, but with a thread of continuity in the collection of songs.

peace              -mc

Bandzoogle rocks! 

I had a templated site for a few years that was easy enough to use as a system designed to serve the needs of musicians who do not have the time and inclination to deal with html code or even a website other than to quickly and easily establish a web presence. As a seasoned engineer, it always seemed to me that there ought to be a way to present more options that fostered more creativity, but acquiesced to what I had since other templated sites seem to offer the same level of creativity.

When I needed to do something that my host could not accommodate, I discovered Bandzoogle and my prayers were answered. Chris has created a system that anyone can use to whatever extent they desire to create a truly pro look without having to know any more than we need to know to use our word processors or DAWs. Great work Chris!