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an appetite for love
or someone we can use
and ache to fill our hunger
we can always be seduced
by feelings fueled by fantasy
we paint on each new face
but when that daydream comes to life
another takes their place
there's nothing that we will not do
to feed that fleeting flame
so we talk a good game

to score our daily bread
we have to cut a deal
make an honest offer
we want an honest meal
but we barter with our brother
and we look him in the eye
both of us keep guessing
if any words are lies
we dance around our perjuries
our brother does the same
as we talk a good game

those who reach for power
present their guarantee
"all our world shall prosper
invest your faith in me"
how quick those words evaporate
when final votes are cast
the promises that filled their pledge
slip into the past
and though deceit and avarice
lace their claims to fame
how they talk a good game

once He walked among us
more than just a man
He taught us all so many things
we still don't understand
yet we build Him mighty temples
where we make all the rules
call ourselves believers
but live our lives like fools
we never stop pretending
each time we say His name
yeah we talk a good game

sure we talk a good game
you bet we talk a good game