1. My God
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come to church on Sunday
be a Bible jock
hear me sing the gospel
gonna make it rock
when you see me comin'
better kneel and pray
because my God is better than yours

wrap our heads in turbans
it is Allah's way
all bow to Mecca
five times a day
begone from my sight
filthy infidel
because my God is better than yours


O why
are you so persistant
wake up
can't you see that I'm right
no way
will I put up with your resistance
so fill your hand brother let's fight

throw away your watch pal
there is no time
move thru this illusion feeling so sublime
don't bother me with troubles bub
I'm in the bliss
surely I will always out Zen you


I have seen the truth
and that is what I give
best that you believe me
if you plan to live
otherwise your time is up
I smite thee down
because my God is better than yours