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when all the Earth is Texas
I'll know our job is done
the whole damn globe one Lone Star State
our battle has been won
no borders now above all lands
one single flag unfurled
these boots were made in Texas
and I'm a walkin' all over this world

I was born on the day that the Alamo fell
ask where I'm from I just say Hell
came to this world with a silver spoon
filled my form in the Grand Cartoon

as sure as fate would take its course
I hit the big town on my faux high horse
became ringmaster of the Beltway Big Top
where it's all smoke and mirrors
and the show never stops

a voice in my head while I'm talkin' to you
loves the beauty of a lie in the way it rings true
grinnin' at strangers and shakin' their hands
a politico Pinnochio crossing this land

we talk about war, say we mean peace
bad can be good for us who do as we please
you ask what makes this nonsense true
only Texans carry guns
that's peace enough for you


from Skull and Bones to the CFR
cronies in control that's what we are
cancel this country erase the border
let's make way for the New World Order

the next front man is a brand new face
as I find history and take my place
I leave this legacy before I go
a deal of a lifetime
the Whole World IPO