1. Big Money



listen up my friends it's time we paid attention
an age old specter knocks upon our door
phantom financiers hell bent on domination
they are closer than they've ever been before

it's Big Money's plan to own us for their pleasure
it's Big Money's plague that blackens all our dreams
where Big Money meets lies hidden from all measure
what Big Money says is never what they mean


the currency of our lives is being stolen
in some brash colossal prank
together we must stand as One emboldened
we'll never be free until we break the Bank

mighty bankers huddle high in the City of London
gilded sheiks of oil in Mecca ply their trade
Russian runners plump with arms wait for direction
in one conference call a deal for all is made

they sell us guns and tools for war unending
then they armor all our enemies as well
first they promise with their help we shall know heaven
when they reel in their due we're left in hell



it matters not what we believe
how we voted, where we pray
the land in which we live each day

each one of us has been deceived
by money masters, power mad
let's face the truth, we've all been had

they will murder heads of state who call for action
they profit from starvation and disease
Christ was right to turn their tables in the temple
yet even He fell to the power that they seize

Big Money vows allegiance to no nation
Big Money holds no moral honest creed
Big Money bloats, obsessed with acquisition
it's the lives of you and I on which they feed


they've been pulling all the strings down thru the ages
solid as their gold as empires rise and fall
the prize now in their eyes is all of Gaia
if we don't stop them now they might take it all

(but) Big Money can't corrupt our intuition
(and) Big Money can't control our Higher Mind
Big Money's weight will sink them to perdition
it is there that their conceit shall be consigned

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